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Boston Red Sox Logo Merchandise

One of the most awesome things about being a Boston sports fan is the unbreakable bond it creates between you and other Boston fans.

Red Sox Bonding

The other day I was at the playground with Siena. I met an Australian man who asked where I was from. When I said Boston, he suddenly became very excited and slightly flustered. He then ran over to his child's stroller and pulled out a bright red Boston Red Sox baseball cap... We were instant friends!

Boston's teams and events are internationally renowned and followed, and for good reason: they're exciting!

Our family believes everyone deserves a chance to 'taste' what it's like being a Boston sports fan.

Boston Marathon 2006 Cheruiyot

We put together this Sports Guide For Tourists to help make your Boston trip preparation as easy as possible. It's the easiest way to learn about Boston's major (and some less known) sports happenings.

We hope you come to love Boston's teams and events as much as we do. And if you make it to a Red Sox game, please have a beer and a fenway frank for us!

Sports Guide Sections

Just to keep it simple, we've separated our Sports Guide For Tourists into several sections:

  • Being a Boston Sports Fan
    Find out what it's really like to be a Boston fan (you might just become one yourself)!
  • Boston's Big Four Sports Teams
    The Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, New England Patriots and Boston Bruins - woohoo!
  • More Boston Teams
    Soccer, Lacrosse, Women's Football and more.
  • Sporting Events
    Head of the Charles and the Boston Marathon are just the beginning.
  • Fenway Park
    We have such a love affair with Fenway Park that it had to have its own page!
  • Boston Red Sox Logo Merchandise
    Get yourself to look the part when you head to your first (or 100th) game at Fenway Park.
  • The Sports Museum (see below)
    The place to soak in Boston's exciting sports history.
And, for a slightly hilarious taste of just how fanatical Boston fans can be... Enjoy!

Boston Sports Museum

If you want to know how Bostonians came to be so enthusiastic about their sports, the Boston Sports Museum at TD Garden is an amazing way to get to know Boston's sporting history. From baseball to ice skating, the Sports Museum literally has a "half mile of exhibits celebrating the legends and legendary moments of Boston sports."

Note: If you're into unique sports gifts, memorabilia or photos, it could be worth checking out two resources mentioned on the museum's website. The Sports Museum is a non-profit organization, so both of these are there specifically to help raise funds for the this Boston museum. They're listed under the 'Support Us' section of the site.

Sports Museum Logistics

TD Garden Boston

Address: Levels 5 and 6 of TD Garden, 100 Legends Hwy, Boston
Admission: $10, $5 Children 10-18, FREE under 10
Where to buy tickets: At the TD Garden Box Office or, if that's closed, at the Boston Bruins Proshop.
Hours: The Sports Museum is generally open 10am-4pm each day. It's worth checking the museum's website, though, as they close for public holidays as well as certain TD Garden events.

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