The Boston T
Boston Subway Map, MBTA Schedule

The Boston T (which is what the Boston public transportation system is affectionately known as) is a fantastic way to get around Beantown.

It's an easy way to explore downtown Boston if you're not up for walking. And, if you decide to stay outside of the city itself, there are loads of great areas that are right on a T line.

This page gives information on Boston subway maps, CharlieCards and discount books, and useful facts about the Boston T system, including where to find the MBTA schedule.

I've got suggestions for which T pass options I'd recommend to short-term tourists, and how to go about purchasing a CharlieTicket on my Boston Public Transportation page.

Boston Subway Map

Where do I get a Boston Subway Map?

The best online Boston subway map is on the MBTA website itself. They have not only an easy-to-read diagram of the subway system, but an Interactive Street Map so you can see where you need to go once you get off the T.

If you want to download the Boston subway map from their site, click here.

The CharlieCard and CharlieCard Discount Book

Charlie CardNow, if you *are* going to be in town for a while (or know that you're coming back often) and want to avoid Boston's infamous drivers and parking challenges, buying a CharlieCard might be worth your while. The CharlieCard is a plastic card that is read by tapping it on a gate or farebox. It can store a cash balance as well as one or more T-Passes at the same time.

In addition, if you're using the stored-value approach, the fares when using a CharlieCard are actually less expensive than paying cash or using a CharlieTicket (which incur a surcharge). However for T-Passes there is no difference, so if you're planning on getting the Day/Week LinkPass mentioned above it may not be worth the extra hassle of getting your hands on a CharlieCard.

For more info on CharlieCard T-Pass options, click here.

As I mentioned above, if you get a CharlieCard, the CharlieCard Discount Book is a free download that offers discounts on dining, restaurants, attractions and more when you show your CharlieCard. The discount book also has a map of the Boston public transportation system enclosed.

For other ways to save money on your Boston vacation, check out our Boston discount card page.

Useful Facts about the Boston T

  • Locating T Stops: T stops are marked by a white sign that has a big "T" with a circle around it.
  • As a paying adult, you can bring up to two children 11 and under on for free.
  • Your ticket will be returned to you after use even if it's empty so that you can refill and reuse it.
  • If you have a stored-value T-Pass, you can use same card for more than one person at a time. However, if you're going to need transfers (e.g. from subway to local bus), you'll want to get a card for each person as the card won't manage multiple transfers well.
  • The in-station fare vending machines accept cash/coins, credit/debit or old T-tokens.
  • If you're a biker, here is some info on bike options and the T.
  • The subway schedule is provided in minutes between trains as opposed to specific times. It runs from about 5am until about 1am the next day depending on the line. You can download the MBTA Frequency Schedule to get a sense of what to expect.
  • You can get to and from Logan Airport on the Silver Line (Boston's first bus rapid transit line) or on the subway via the Blue Line. Click here for more info on both airport transportation options.
  • The actual fares vary based on the mode and sometimes the distance of the trip. In addition, you pay less on stored-value purchases if you have a CharlieCard than if you are paying cash per ride or have a CharlieTicket. Here's the overview of the Boston public transportation fares.
  • The MBTA website has a great guide with more specific station and subway line information here. This also includes information on the Silver Line (bus rapid transit).

Here's more useful information for planning your time in Boston...

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